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It is the surgical procedure used to correct any sagginess in the neck that forms due to aging and gravity. Especially in the advanced stages of facial aging, the soft tissues on both sides of the face sag and accumulate under the chin. What patients describe as jowl sagging and jowl lubrication is actually the sagging of the tissues to the midline under the chin. This sagginess makes the person look older and tired.

Neck lift surgery is usually planned together with face lift surgery. By using the incisions in front of the ear and behind the ear of the facelift surgery, the neck is reached from the side to the midline. The neck skin is separated from the platysma muscle and tightened, and the excess skin is removed from behind the ear.

Anesthesia General
Operation duration 2 hour
Hospital stay 1 night
Recovery duration 4-6 weeks
Istanbul stay duration 7 days
Corset use duration 2 weeks

Frequently asked questions

There will be an incision scar hidden in the scalp right in front of and behind the ear. Since the incision coincides with the folding areas it doesn’t show alot and its visibility decreases over time.

Neck lift surgery is suitable for patients who have serious sagging and folds in the neck area caused by aging.

  • The operation is performed under general anethesia. After the operation, the hospital stay duration is 1 day.
  • Swelling and bruises may occur after the surgery. It will start to decrease in a couple of weeks.
  • To avoid the formation of spots, the skin should be protected from the sun and sunscreen should be applied when going out.
  • You should use the corset given by the doctor for 2 weeks after the operation.
  • All the stitches that we use are melting esthetic stitches which is why they will not be removed or taken out.
  • You should use Thiocilline cream on the incission line for the first 10 days post operation and use Siliscar cream once a day afterwards for two months to reduce the appearance of the scar.

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