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It is the process of reducing the fullness of the face by making the cheekbones more prominent by removing the excess fat in the cheek area. That fat makes the person look more overweight and has a round and square face structure. With this process, the face gets sharper lines and a V shape.

Anesthesia Local
Operation duration 45 minutes
Hospital stay No
Recovery duration 5-7 days
Istanbul stay duration 1 day

Frequently asked questions

Under local anesthesia, the fat bags are removed with an incision of 1 cm from the inside of the cheek. Afterwards, small stitches that will remain in the cheek are done. After a short observation post-operation, patients can return home.

People who are thin but appear overweighed who have a large amount of fat in their cheeks and whose facial features are square and round, are considered suitable patients for bichectomy.

During the first 3 days there is a risk of bleeding. Soft foods should be preferred and cold drinks should be consumed. The nutrition program determined by the doctor should be followed.

  • Attention should be paid to oral hygiene to prevent the risk of infection. Oral solution and mouthwash should be used for one week.
  • Some edema and bruising may occur after the procedure. To prevent this, cold bandages should be used. The swelling will go away within a week.
  • All your stitches are melting stitches. Therefore, no stitches will be removed.

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