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Dimple Aesthetics: Elegant Details That Differentiate You

The perception of beauty differs for each person, but some small details can increase the attractiveness of one’s face. Dimple aesthetics is one of such details that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Dimples can create a natural and elegant charm on the face and are a source of original expression for many people. In this article, while providing information about the dimple aesthetic procedure, we will explore this interesting topic by taking advantage of Dr Emre Özenalp’s expertise.

What is Dimple Aesthetics?

Dimple aesthetics is the surgical creation of artificial dimples created in the cheek area. This procedure is performed using a suture or implant in the cheek. Dimples are attractive hollows that appear on your face, especially when you smile. Many people look for a special and attractive touch that dimples add to their faces.

How is Dimple Aesthetics Procedure Performed?

The dimple aesthetic procedure is quite simple and is usually performed under local anaesthesia. The size and position of the suture or implant to be placed in the cheek during the procedure is determined according to the patient’s preferences and facial structure. This ensures that the results look natural and harmonious.

Permanence of Dimple Aesthetics

Dimple aesthetic results are usually long-lasting. Dimple aesthetic procedure performed by a good surgeon can last for years. However, like any surgical intervention, it should be noted that the results of dimple aesthetics may change over time due to personal aging process and skin changes.

Who is Dimple Aesthetics Suitable for?

Dimple aesthetics is suitable for people who desire to have a more attractive face and prefer a natural dimple appearance. This procedure can be preferred in cases where the person wants to make his face more attractive.

Dimple aesthetics is an excellent option for many people who want to add an element of natural attractiveness to the face. Under the guidance of an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr Emre Özenalp, you can have a more attractive face as a result of dimple aesthetics. This elegant detail can differentiate you and be a special touch in your smile.

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