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Breast Augmentation Operation and Things to Know

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure preferred by many women who want to increase their breast aesthetics. However, it is important to have the right information about this procedure and to understand some important factors to consider. Here is a list of breast augmentation surgery and things to know:

1. Types of Surgery:

– There are two main types used for breast augmentation: implants and fat transfer. Implants are medical products placed under the skin. Fat transfer involves injecting one’s own body fat into the breasts.

2. Post Procedure Expectations:

– After breast augmentation surgery, short-term side effects such as swelling and bruising may occur. The healing process may vary from person to person, but usually takes a few weeks.

3. Implant Sizes and Types:

– Implants may vary in size, type and shape. Your doctor will evaluate your breast augmentation goals and body structure and choose the most suitable implant.

4. Postoperative Care:

– After breast augmentation surgery, it is important to care as recommended by your doctor. The use of bandages or special bras can reduce swelling and speed healing.

5. Permanent Results:

– Breast augmentation operations provide permanent results. Implants do not need to be replaced unless there are any complications.

6. Risks and Complications:

– As with all surgical procedures, breast augmentation operations carry certain risks. Complications such as infection, bleeding, implant leakage may occur, although rare.

7. Suitable Candidates:

– All patients whose general health condition will not prevent them from undergoing surgery can undergo breast augmentation surgery.

8. Doctor Selection:

– Choosing the right doctor for breast augmentation surgery is extremely important. Choosing a certified, experienced plastic surgeon is critical for safe results.

Breast augmentation is a procedure that many women want to increase their self-confidence and achieve a fuller appearance. However, it may not be suitable for everyone and the results of the surgery may vary from person to person. It is important to meet with a plastic surgeon to learn more about breast augmentation and to accurately assess your expectations.

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